Accounting and Finance

The correct interpretation of the accounting and financial area of an organization is a crucial starting point for reflection of its economic situation and a correct perception of its own reality.

The numbers, as such, represent decisions and choices that have been taken by excellence professionals providing reasons for developing strategies and tactics to our customer’s managers in the various markets in which they operate.

We understand that the greater the development of skills and experience, best tend to be the results of these organizations and better will be the information in decision-making basis. 


The tax component of an organization never had such prominence as now, more than a financial risk exists a constant reputational risk compromising the dignity of companies in fulfilling their obligations to the authorities and the general public.

We know that the demand for essential tools for forecasting tax purposes in the management is constant and increasingly important. Organizations seek to be able to reduce possible negative consequences and maximize the positive impacts of their decisions. Seek essential skills for their professional financial and tax areas, management areas and operational to enable them to have essential comfort in fulfilling their obligations and responsibilities.

Historically, Fiscopax experience in promoting vocational training in tax as well as promoting partnerships with various entities allows our organization to be at the forefront in interpretation, discussion and implementation of a new tax change. 


The transformations undergone by globalization and technological developments as well as the speed which facts take place and the change occurs, require companies a consulting service that allows a strategic weapon for, at the time, providing organizations the rapid development and their own adaptation to new realities.


The services we provide are applied to all companies and organizations, regardless of size, through a proactive approach in order to enhance their competitiveness, minimize their exposure to risk and identify opportunities for their development. From process architecture, adapted to business system information, to IT harmonization study, accounting, financial and strategic systems. From Project reliability studies to the strategies definition.

Human Resources

The human resources development is crucial to the success of any business, but also the correct recovery and assistance is likewise extremely important, since it is the greater weight factors in expenses of an organization. The correct processing and more appropriate action according to the different variants that make up the whole of the human capital of an organization, allow an appropriate balance between the necessary human mass and available.

The vast experience that our company has in various market sectors, even in the most specific as seasonal activities allows a custom job and appropriate to each organization that works with us. 

Outsourcing and Management Support

Organizations and managers are daily confronted with enormous pressures at various levels, increasingly resulting in the need to support the validation and implementation of an external entity that destroys vices and habits that naturally assumes the repetition of tasks.

Fiscopax sees its work to the outsourcing level of highly professional manner and the creation of extremely high quality information to the decision maker. Our employees, for its vast experience across the board of an organization, methodically provide a transparent, reasoned and concise work in accounting aspect. At tax level is tested in detail all the fulfillment of the obligations, also in terms of the value of products and services, whether or not at fair value tests are made to its proper valuation. It is provided a service across all the board of the company, allowing manager making his more safely decision.

Execution works are performed, relationship concepts, control tests, analysis and internal reports. 

Investment Projects

The monitoring of the needs of our client organizations, according to the new framework and other government measures that encourage and support entrepreneurship in the different aspects of a company is a constant concern of our organization.

The projects promotion of creating and restructuring enterprise is a reality more and more present in our services, as we believe in sustainable development, entrepreneurship and innovation of new ideas and values not only in market, but especially in our community. 


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