About us


Fiscopax was founded in 1987 in the core of the historic town of Beja, by two young entrepreneurs, Joaquim Rodrigues and Carlos Ventura. 

Fiscopax is the result of bold projection of a company that would provide an accounting service, tax and consulting, distinguished by quality, diversity and complete customer satisfaction. Its sustained growth and professionalization in the 90s, culminated in his affirmation as a valid option and main option in service.

30 years later

Currently and almost 30 years after its entry into the market , the experience led to the consolidation of a diversified client portfolio and a human resources structure technically developed and rich in expertise in various market sectors, ensuring a safe responsiveness and appropriate to the needs and dimensions of our partners and customers. 


The evolution and growth of the company in all its fullness, lets it today, provide professionalized service and totally versatile depending on the requirements of the market and its customers, whether are small service business, whether are big companies producing national and International. 

Company "family” status is privileged and intentionally kept providing a personalized relationship with the customer and high reliability - the customer is the greater good of the organization. 

Social Responsibility

All organizations have responsibilities to its employees, its customers, partners and society in general.

Fiscopax believes that a corporate evolved culture and with an active social responsibility, unifies an organization, strengthens its reputation and creates vital links with the community in which it operates.

Decision-making in support of organizations or individuals based always on the social effect that it may cause, focusing on good values based on each case. The involvement of our professionals and clients who share our conviction, creates an empathy with our organization making a commitment to transparency, with integrity and with our desire to make a positively difference, in our community. 


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